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Computer Repair

Does your computer have a Virus? Running slow? Parts not working like the should?

Maybe you spilled something on your laptop and wonder if it will ever work again?

We here at B&C Connection strive to provide the best quality service at the best prices.
We have over 16 years of software/hardware repair and are one of the only circuit level repair shops in the area.

Macs are a specialty here. Don't waste your money dealing with Apple, They don't repair, they just replace at double or triple the cost.

All diagnostics are free and all work is reviewed with the customer before repair.
All hardware repairs carry a 3 month guarantee


*Virus Removal

*Computer Optimization
*Data Recovery

*Operating System Installation

*Software Installation

*Hardware Installation

*Board Repair

*Water Damage Repair


Phone/Tablet Repair

Drop your iPhone, Android, or Window Smart phone and shattered the screen?
Tablet screen shattered or not working at all?
Drop your phone in the pool? Spill coffee on it?

B&C Connection has you covered because we know how it feels to have a broken device.
All repairs are done as quickly as possible to get your device back to full working order.

Dealing with your carrier to file an insurance claim just to get a phone that has none of your information is a hassle and time consuming. Save time and money with us.

All of our parts carry a 3 month defective warranty. If it stops working for you, we replace it for free.


*Broken Screen

*Broken LCD
*Battery Replacement

*SIM Card Tray Repair

*Charging Port Repair
*Microphone Replacement

*Camera Replacement
*Power/Home Button Replacement
*Liquid Damage
*And More

Console Repair

Game Consoles have become a very common part of most house holds.

They can be great sources of entertainment or a big source of headaches when they aren't working correctly.

At B&C Connection we can help keep your console up and running, so you can keep on playing.


*YLOD for PS3
*RROD for Xbox 360
*HDMI Port or USB Port Repair
*Open Tray or No Disc Read Issues
*Tray Stuck or Disc Stuck
*Over Heating
And Many More

Mission Statement

We strive to support the Bowling Green Area and surrounding with the best Phone repair, Tablet Repair, Computer Repair. and Small Business Network support.
We have some of the best technicians, specializing in circuit board repair and component level replacement.
All while we try to give you the best price all with a warranty.

If you have any questions feel free to click on our Yelp, Facebook, Email, or Phone links.

We are here to help.


M-F 10a-6p

Weekend Service hours vary